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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to make an appointment?

In order to help our customers as much as possible Unique Bridal works on the basis of appointments. We are flexible in making appointments and are available 6 days a week. Make a fitting appointment by calling us 070-3452169 or fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the appointment.

What needs to be done when a dress is specially designed for you?

First we make together the design for the dress. Our role is to listen to your wishes and advice. With advice is meant what is feasible, what goes well with your figure, what are the advantages and disadvantages of different fabrics and other materials. We are also aware of the latest fashion trends and we have a wide range of different styles and collections at our disposal.
Next, the design will be manufactured, then the first pass takes place. The purpose of this first pass is to see how the dress looks like and how the dress fits you. At this stage some adjustments can still be made to the dress. At the second dress fit the dress should be ready to be taken home.

What is the first fitting appointment like?

We make two hours of free time to give you full attention. You can come alone or with friends and/or family. First, we sit and discuss the exact expectations from your side. Then we are going to start trying on different dresses.

What should be done when a dress is purchased at Unique Bridal?

When a dress is purchased by Unique Bridal the sizes will be measured so that the dress can be tailored exactly.

Is it possible for Unique Bridal to carry out an urgent job?

Rush orders are possible, we are trying to help you out if possible.